The Balsall Heath Biennale book is finished, featuring essays by Derek Horton & Dr Saskia Warren (available on this website). There will be a book aunch on July 17th at Ort Gallery when we’ll also be introducing the project with a talk. The book is available to buy here

Dr Saskia Warren & Dr Stephen Forcer have been successful in securing funding from the Communities and Culture Network+ on the Birmingham Surrealist Group in Balsall Heath. Building upon the platform and networks established by the Balsall Heath Biennale project Decorate Your House or Garden Competition - Surreal Theme, the research will investigate cultural, religious, linguistic and educational barriers to engagement, and the translation of humour within the context of Balsall Heath.

The biennale will also feature as a small exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society-IBG annual conference in August.  

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