The Balsall Heath Biennale book is finished, featuring essays by Derek Horton & Dr Saskia Warren (available on this website).

There will be a book launch on July 17th at Ort Gallery when we’ll also be introducing the project with a talk. The book is available to buy here.   ​

Dr Saskia Warren & Dr Stephen Forcer have been successful in securing funding from the Communities and Culture Network+ on the Birmingham Surrealist Group in Balsall Heath. Building upon the platform and networks established by the Balsall Heath Biennale project Decorate Your House or Garden Competition - Surreal Theme, the research will investigate cultural, religious, linguistic and educational barriers to engagement, and the translation of humour within the context of Balsall Heath.

The biennale also featured in a small exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society-IBG annual conference in August.

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