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Thank you to everyone who has helped us on this project. The list below is for those who aren't mentioned elsewhere on the website or in the newspaper. 

Ian Edwards, Kate Pryor-Williams, Abid Hussain, Graham Young, Lee Saunders & the Conroy Maddox estate, Balsall Heath Forum residents groups, Dr Dick Atkinson and Abdullah Rehman (and the Balsall Heath Forum), the Yasin family, Rachel and Genevieve from Eastwood Road, PC Tom Olphin,  Reverend Catherine Grylls, Dr Saskia Warren, Joe Holyoak, Foster Derby, Andy Monroe, Naseem from Cheddar Road, Josephine Reichert, Gabriel Weir, Ian Francis, Mr Bassett, Alison Moore, Sophie Handy, Sanjeev Lohia. 

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