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A selection of online resources relating to the biennale project (check back for updates; the biennale resources team are a little behind on this).




Nine Lectures on Bees by Rudolf Steiner - Nine of fifteen lectures given by Rudolf Steiner to the workmen at the Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland in 1923. They are part of the lecture series entitled, The Functioning of Spirit in Nature and in Man. The Being of Bees.

Cats & Contemporary Art 

Dutch Artists Bart Jansen's Orvillecopter

The Cat Show -  Curated by Rhonda Lieberman at White Columns Gallery New York fFeaturing 'The Cats-in-Residence Program') 

Robert Filby's cat responsive sculptures at Norwich Outpost

Commons, The 

The Commons Journal

The Foundation for Common Land

Festival, Balsall Heath 1969

Birmingham Mail newspaper report on the 1969 Birmingham Mail festival pdf


A plain English guide to the Localism Act pdf


Balsall Heath Map of Cultural Activity pdf

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