Eastwood Road Street Party 2012

Cheddar Road Community Garden represented something of a failed experiment in community engagement. Our disillusion was partly balanced out by an event that occurred on our road, a street party - ostensibly at least - for the Queen’s jubilee. Our contribution was a large scale Heath Robinson-esque Attack the Balsall Heath Rat machine (that required standing on the top rung of a wobbly step ladder to operate) and designing a poster. This appropriated the Balsall Heath Carnival colouring-in poster format, to produce a design that combined the artwork of Andy Warhol and a Sex Pistol’s album cover using DIY cut out newspaper lettering. Posters were distributed to all 80 houses on Eastwood Road. This was something of an experiment for us, as we had no idea how many would go up along the road, but over the course of the week the road became peppered with posters, several of them quite beautiful. In the end, with the Queen’s face messily coloured in, the road represented something of a Republican stronghold. In contrast to the heavy handedness of Cheddar Road, the street party had a lightness of touch, its success unexpected.

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